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Elevating Omakase Dining to Your Doorstep!

Experience the unparalleled delight of HomemakaseATL, the premier In-Home Traditional Edomae Style Omakase in Metro Atlanta! Born from Chef Alex’s visionary dream, our mission is to redefine Omakase dining in the region, setting a new standard of excellence. 

Indulge in an intimate culinary journey as Chef Alex personally curates a menu of exquisite delights, tantalizing your taste buds with seasonal ingredients sourced directly from Toyosu Market, Japan. Each dish is a masterpiece, expertly crafted to showcase umami flavors you’ve never experienced before. 
What makes HomemakaseATL truly exceptional? It’s the embodiment of “unique” and “exclusive” dining. Every aspect of your evening is bespoke, tailored perfectly, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience every time. Allow us to surprise and delight you with each dish, creating unforgettable memories in the comfort of your own home.
Reserve your spot now for this Michelin-Level culinary adventure unlike any other. With only a few events available each week, securing your special date is essential for an unforgettable evening filled with love, laughter, and exceptional cuisine.
Elevate your dining experience and create cherished moments with your loved ones through the magic of HomemakaseATL. Book now and savor the luxury of bespoke dining at its finest.

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