About Chef Alex

Alex Candelas started his journey through Japanese gastronomy more than 20 years ago. He was attracted by the versatility of centuries of tradition and the cultural connection shared through food. Alex decided to share his passion through a more intimate environment where his gifts can be fully enjoyed.

Thus, HomemakaseATL was born!

“Food is more than a meal, it encompasses all: it is intimate, it is proof of love, it creates a cultural immersion. When I was growing up, cooking has always been about family and home, about building memories and sharing affection. The food that my mother made was not special as far as technique, but it was special to me, it made me so happy when I was a child. As an experienced chef I would like to share the same kind of love through food in your home. Meet HomemakaseATL!”

Alex, his wife, Irina and two children live in North Atlanta.